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Course Overview

This course provides learners with the skills and knowledge to provide an initial first response in order to contain an incident and/or secure the immediate area in order to minimise resultant damages and loss should a hazardous materials spill occur.

Spill control training is essential for workplaces which use, handle or transport dangerous and hazardous substances. Whilst strict guidelines govern the storage and handling of these substances organisations must be able to respond quickly in the event of an accident or emergency, to reduce potential injury, property damage and environmental impact and workplace downtimes. This training introduces participants to dangerous goods classes, labelling requirements, HAZCHEM coding and methods of identifying substances involved at incidents.

Exercises are provided to learn how to obtain information from common sources such as safety data sheets and emergency response guides, and how to apply these to real situations. Participants also receive accredited training in the use of applying the contents of Spill Kits to simulated spills.

During practical scenarios, methods of controlling and containing spills are discussed, in conjunction with selection and use of Spill Kit contents for use during incidents. These scenarios also allow participants to rehearse the management of contaminated personnel and equipment involved in hazardous materials incidents. All learning is reinforced through a series of escalating scenarios, ranging from simple spills to simulated release of larger volumes.

Hazardous Materials Spill Response training is recommended for:

  • Anyone within an emergency response team;
  • Anyone in a workplace that contains hazardous materials;
  • Anyone involved in the transportation of hazardous materials;
  • Anyone in a role that requires the interpretation of Safety Data Sheets.
Duration: 6 Hours
Location: This course can be trained at our Training Centre or at your Workplace.
(conditions apply)
Cost: Please call or email our office to obtain more information including pricing and course dates. 
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Subjects Covered

  • Hazard Identification
  • Contacting Authorities
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Routes of Entry
  • Emergency Information Panels
  • Bulk Transport Placarding
  • Handbook 76 Requirements
  • Pollutants
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Spill Kits

Pre-entry Requirements

Fitness to Participate and Language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skills are required in order to communicate, complete, undertake written and practical assessment activities. If you have any concerns regarding the LLN requirements, please contact 1300 886 208 for assistance.


As we are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) our participants will be awarded a Nationally recognised Statement of Attainment on the successful completion of the training and assessment for this course.

The units of competency covered in this course are:

MSMWHS100 Follow WHS procedures

MSMWHS110 Follow emergency response procedures

MSMWHS210 Undertake first response to non-fire incidents

Refresher Training

Industry recommends that refresher training for Hazardous Materials Spill Response should be completed every two years.

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