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Course Overview

Our respiratory protection (breathing apparatus) course is essential for personnel who may, at work or in emergency situations, be exposed to atmospheric or respiratory hazards. Training includes theory of respiration and oxygen deficiency, recognition of respiratory hazards and variations of respiratory protection equipment.

This course includes an array of respiratory protection, such as particulate filters (P2), chemical specific canister filters and open circuit breathing apparatus. Participants learn care and maintenance, assembly of equipment, calculating air capacity and working duration, procedures for donning, start up and closing down equipment, safe work practices and emergency procedures.

Each participant is provided with the opportunity to become comfortable wearing breathing apparatus in controlled conditions, before learning to work in darkness, noisy environments and smoke. Practical training includes search and rescue exercises to allow participants to apply and develop relevant skills.

The instructors work with the participants to build confidence in themselves, the equipment, their team members and the use of safe work procedures.

This course is aimed at people who require training in operating breathing apparatus to enable them to

Work in high risk atmospheric environments

Provide workplace Emergency Response where there may be a risk to air quality

Duration: 4 Hours
Location: This course can be trained at our Training Centre or we can train at your Workplace (conditions apply)
Cost: Please call or email our office to obtain more information including pricing and dates
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Subjects covered

  • Respiration Review
  • Atmospheric Hazards and Toxic Gases
  • Types of respiratory protection
  • Breathing Apparatus Sets
  • Correct Application Procedures
  • Tally Boards
  • Safe Work Practices


As we are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) our participants will be awarded a Nationally recognised Statement of Attainment on the successful completion of the training and assessment for this course.

The unit of competency covered in this course is:

MSMWHS216 Operate breathing apparatus

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