Emergency Evacuation Drill

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Course Overview

The Australian Standards 3745-2010, Planning for emergencies in facilities and AS 4083-2010, Planning for emergencies in Health Care facilities states “All area of a facility shall participate in at least one emergency response exercise involving an evacuation each year.”

The purpose of conducting an emergency evacuation training drill is to assist personnel to know their roles and responsibilities in an emergency situation in accordance with the workplace plans and procedures, and to test the workforce response to an emergency.

We assist organisations with evacuation scenario/exercise, followed by a de-brief with the wardens, chief wardens and first aiders to determine potential improvements.

Duration: 1-2 Hours
Location: This exercise is conducted at your Workplace.
Cost: Please call or email our office to obtain more information including pricing and course dates.
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Subjects covered

  • Workplace emergency response plan and procedure familiarisation
  • Identify required roles of workplace personnel
  • Discuss outcomes of simulated evacuation
  • Critique of evacuation drill against outcomes
  • Suggested improvements to the plan and procedures


A comprehensive evacuation report will be provided at the conclusion of the evacuation drill for compliance purposes.

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